Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? They’re probably addressed here! If they’re not, feel free to shoot me a message at the very bottom, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

About the Blog

What’s with the classical music and bookish aesthetic? It just so happens that I really enjoy reading good books and playing classical music (or any kind of music in general, I do not discriminate) on my piano or violin. Books + Music = Nerd Overload.

How often do you post? Though I try my best to post every weekend, sometimes that just doesn’t happen! I am a teenager which means that I have to study and do homework, things like that. Therefore, sorry in advance if I neglect this blog for a short period of time.

About Me

On Classical Music

Can you share the URL of your ‘old, now dead’ music blog? No. Because it’s dead and the content isn’t even that good. (Now, I can’t stop you if you were to miraculously find the URL on your own. But the chances of that are 1/2,343,545.)

Who/What is your favorite composer and piece? My preferences vary, but I tend to like composers and pieces from the Romantic era (Chopin, Schumann, Dvořák). I will say that listening to Bruch’s Violin Concerto in G Minor gives me eargasms, though.

How many years have you been playing piano/violin? You can’t tell from my posts, but I have actually been playing piano for longer than I have been playing violin – I’ve been playing piano for about eleven years and violin for eight years or so.

Have you been nationally recognized for your musical talents? Well…no, but I’ve twice won a state piano competition and I’ve gone to All State Orchestra so many times I can’t even count. But you never know—someday I’ll go to Julliard and you’ll be sorry you asked about this.

On reading and writing

What Who is your favorite book author? Well, I like Leigh Bardugo and Laini Taylor’s prose, Scott Westerfeld’s worldbuilding, James Dashner and Marie Lu’s action sequences, Meg Cabot’s teenager speak…this is getting long. I like authors not for just their books, but for one thing they do really well. I don’t think there’s any author that’s perfect.

What is you favorite genre? My primary genres include sci-fi/fantasy, historical, and sometimes contemporary, but I think my favorite genre will always be changing. One day it’s sci-fi, another it’s historical, then it’s fantasy.

Are you currently working on writing a book? Yes, I have story ideas. Lots of them. No, I have not yet begun to put any of them on paper unless you count the story I am editing (really co-authoring but I won’t take credit shh), by my friend. So basically, my writing advice is probably invalid and based solely upon the books I read.

Will you read and review my book? Maybe, and that’s a maybe that leans more towards a no than a yes. To be completely honest, I don’t write a full review for every book I read like the ones you see on my book blog – perhaps I’ll write one for 25% of the books I read. Most of the time, that because I have a lot to say about the book. Click here for my full review policy.

Ok, so I promised that I would include a form in case you had a question I didn’t answer already. So here you go! (Please only ask questions; I have a separate form for other types of messages.)