Some people are naturally nerdy.

And that’s okay. I, for example, am one of those naturally nerdy people.

But…what is a ‘nerd’ anyway? Well, Google defines ‘nerd’ as: ‘a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.’

Hmm. Not very flattering, is it?

But that’s okay! My fellow nerd, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being studious.

I am a nerd. I am boringly studious.

I am also wonderfully nerdy.

So this website is a shrine to that. It’s a shrine to nerddom.

It’s a shrine to everyone who would rather read than go out to parties…

Image result for people reading

It’s a shrine to everyone who would rather exercise their brain than exercise their body…

Related image

It’s a shine to everyone who enjoys the performing arts…

Image result for music

And it’s a shrine to nerds.

It’s a shrine for nerds.

And there are absolutely no normal people allowed.


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