The 6 Best Romance Tropes

Ah, the beauty of teenage love. So sweet, so pure, so everlasting...said no one ever. And yet, you'd be hard-pressed to find a YA book without any romance. Why is that? Simply because, if done right, romances add that extra spark to your fantasy/science fiction/historical/realistic/etc. fire and can even attract readers that would otherwise only … Continue reading The 6 Best Romance Tropes

3 Classical Music Myths and 1 Truth

Over the last hundreds of years, many theories on classical music have popped up. The fact is, many of them are just myths and only myths. Here, I present to you some theories and ideas on classical music that are not necessarily true. Myth #1: A Stradivarius Sounds Better Than Your Average Instrument It's a … Continue reading 3 Classical Music Myths and 1 Truth

4 Overused Dystopian Tropes

Let me paint you a picture. The year is 2020. Earth, once a hubbub of commotion, is now a barren wasteland thanks to perpetual war. Living in the middle of it all is a poverty-stricken teenager ready for change. There are a million ways this story can go. Maybe the teenager will uncover an evil … Continue reading 4 Overused Dystopian Tropes