About the Team

Annie Bookdevourer is the founder of Nerd Overload and the author behind all these amazing posts you see here. An avid reader, she chugs through books like other girls chug through boyfriends and can sometimes read over 100 books a year. She also loves torturing her friends’ ears via her haunted house-worthy violin skills and her only slightly better piano playing.

You can find her online at her book blog, her Goodreads, or her Pinterest.

The Nameless Friend is a sentient being made of chocolate…or so she wishes. She helps around the blog by sarcastically answering messages and telling stories of how she got that one scar on her back. She also edits a bunch of posts for grammar because she’s *that* person. In her spare time, she reads and tries hard to avoid doing anything else.

Here’s a link to her Goodreads, though it’s not much help because it’s set on private


If you ever need help, just shoot us a message and we’ll attempt to satisfy your needs.